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VoiceForIndia is a youth led organisation dedicated to engaging young people with the political process and providing them with a platform to express their views. Through debates, talks and workshops from experts across the country we hope to equip the youth with the skills needed to successfully implement social change. We offer free, valuable training in debating, public speaking, campaigning, economics, political journalism and policy-making.


Mission & Vision

The one thing that is common in a learner and a leader is dream. They both dream for their voices to be heard. And we at Voices for India call upon the dreamers to become the future leaders. We call upon the youth to raise questions, justify actions and demand answers. No more howling as a wolf, it's time to roar like a lion. Be the change you wish to see in the society. Be the leader you always dreamt to vote and start making a difference with your voice.

Our Team


Ankit Anjan

Founder & President

Ankit Anjan is the Founder & CEO of VoiceForIndia. He is 4 times winner of National Youth Parliament. Currently he is serving as a Software Engineer in TVS Motors.

Alok Bhaiya.jpg

Alok Agarwal

Vice President

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Sonali Singh

Event Management Head


Krishna Kumari

Promotional Head

Our Team at Ranchi

atul bhaiya.jpg

Atul Jha


Roshan Raj


Manik Kumar

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Monal Srivastava

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Gaurav Singh

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